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QUO Studio Coloring Technique

QUO Studio Coloring Technique

We've got you covered from Ombré to Babylights. Only the great ones for the gorgeous.Read More

05/17/2018 Home, Tips 0 2141


Libur telah tiba! Waktunya kamu bersantai dan kembali ke alam. Pastikan penampilan kamu cetar &...

06/21/2018 0 716

Summer Ready Festival

Kamu pecinta festival?? Pastiin kalau look kamu cetar & simak checklist ini supaya bisa tampil wow!

07/18/2018 0 361

5 WAGS Paling Cetar di...

Jadi ini rahasia WAGS menaklukkan para pemain sepak bola yang hot. Simak 5 WAGS paling cetar...

07/06/2018 0 452

Keratin Lash Lift


05/24/2018 0 4267

Before & After Coloring Tips

10 Tips to treat colored hair

05/08/2018 0 2925

Price List QUO Studio

04/27/2018 0 4616

Unicorn Summer Hair

Summer is coming soon & it’s time for a whole lot of fun. You can’t miss the most-wanted hair...

04/20/2018 0 439

Brunette Hair

A fan of chocolate, brown, or even gold color? Go try this shimmering brunette hair color.

04/23/2018 0 488

Lash Lift VS Lash Extension

Imagine your lashes, but better.

04/25/2018 0 885

50 Shades of Grey Hair

Need quick tips and inspiration on styling this cool grey hair? Read more here.

04/23/2018 0 640

Rose Gold Hair

Being a hopeless romantic can be effortless with this Rose Gold Hair. Read more here.

04/25/2018 0 490

Clipper Cut

Back to 90s can never be this hip! Peek a bit of this Clipper Cut and easily match it with your...

04/25/2018 0 329

Hair Gloss - Quick Retouch

The quick fix to retouch your vibrant colored hair.

04/25/2018 0 1360

Keratin Therapy

Tired dealing with your dry, frizzy, and untamed hair? Keratin Therapy might be your hair savior!

04/25/2018 0 3709

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